morphed pic

morphed pic

Hello everyone this is a blog I made for more to see the the designs in my store on second life and also my photo edits. I named it Luscious Delights because I belive all sizes are beautiful and the store was made more for women with curves. I do offer other appliers for those of other sizes. So far there is Omega, Maitreya, Brazilia Doll/Brazilia, and Fixed Mesh for Papaya Brazilia Doll and for any of the ladies that don’t use appliers I have included classic avatar layers so that you can wear the designs too. But the omega appliers in the outfits support most bodies all you need is the kit. There are different kits for every body or boob just be sure you have the right one for whatever mesh part you may be wearing.  You can find it in my shop for sale as well as at Love-n-lust HQ.


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